Root support for /e/OS

Hello everyone,

it would be really amazing if it were possible to enable root privileges in the settings. For security, the setting should only be accessible with the help of a PIN that has been previously set. With these rights, it would be easy to use root apps. There is no freedom unless you can modify the system.

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/e/OS User on a Xiaomi A1 device

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I think flashing magisK is easy and done in only 1 minute. So who really needs root, can install magisK.

I think that’s the better way

I would be nice if there was an option implemented in the system to let you be able to enable root privileges. Although, as @harvey186 said, you can opt for Magisk for now.
Are you thinking about a systemless root option similar to what LineageOS has?

I’ve been using lineage root for /e/.

It doesn’t have as much features as magisK. For example, the hide function is not implemented so you can’t install banking apps

There is a big problem @harvey186. After a system update twrp disappears, with the consequence magisk can not flash. It is also complicated to install twrp incl. Magisk every time. Would it be that difficult to integrate this option? This rom would probably be more popular with this option.

on some A/B devices twrp can’t installed permanently. regarding MagisK, that’s not normal,it should flashed always autocratically after flashing a rom update.

I know,that there is/was on open issue on github because magisK is not flashed automatically. Pls search in github for that issue and if it for your devices.

If yes add a comment on that issue. Of not, pls open anew one.
Magsik install script should be available in addon.d which is always automatic called after a flashing a rom