Root support for /e/OS

Hello everyone,

it would be really amazing if it were possible to enable root privileges in the settings. For security, the setting should only be accessible with the help of a PIN that has been previously set. With these rights, it would be easy to use root apps. There is no freedom unless you can modify the system.

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/e/OS User on a Xiaomi A1 device

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I think flashing magisK is easy and done in only 1 minute. So who really needs root, can install magisK.

I think that’s the better way

I would be nice if there was an option implemented in the system to let you be able to enable root privileges. Although, as @harvey186 said, you can opt for Magisk for now.
Are you thinking about a systemless root option similar to what LineageOS has?

I’ve been using lineage root for /e/.

It doesn’t have as much features as magisK. For example, the hide function is not implemented so you can’t install banking apps