S4 - GT-i9505 - mobile network and wifi issue


I’m using /e/ with my S4 GT-i9505 and I think since the last update I’ve really mobile network and wifi issue both are really instable. The main problem is for the mobile network. During a day my phone succed to connect only for few minute. The wifi is more stable but same, he has trouble and reconnect often.
My version system is 0.9-2020051554230
Is it possible to downgrade just to be sure that the problem comes from the last update ?

Thank you for your help

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The few times I downgraded, it was without issues so I think you can. It’s better to downgrade if there is no major modification between the two builds.
Backup, just to be safe.


Thank you for your quick response.
Is there a wiki on how to downgrade ?
I’ve never done this manipulation.

Just download the previous build in the download page and install it thanks to TWRP (like you have done to install /e/ for the first time).