S5 4G/LTE connection issue

I have a strange issue where when I flash e on to my old S5, it can no longer pick up 4G/LTE and shows my mob network as H+. When I flash back to stock ROM, I again get 4G.

Is this just a display issue with the network type, or is there a known issue. I also cant seem to amend the access points. They’re all greyed out?

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Looks like It is just a default configuration error.

Go to >settings >Network & Internet >Mobile Network >Advanced >Preferred network type >Choose LTE

Yep, have tried that,but wont connect to anything. I only get the network back when I switch to LTE/WCDMA.

I seem to think I has a similar issue a few years ago with flashing liniage os. I get 12mbps on a speedchecker, so it does look to be 3g rather than LTE

Thanks for getting back to me. I managed to get LTE by resetting the network settings. Seems the default were incorrect.

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