S9+ G961U1 Not Yet Supported by Easy Installer

Excited to get eOS on my S9+
In Easy Installer I get a message Not Yet Supported:(

Any ideas what to do now?


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Samsung locked down the US Snapdragon variant so you can’t unlock the bootloader. What model processor do you have, Snapdragon or Exynos? Similar info on XDA if you need further clarity. :point_down:

Unlocked Galaxy S9+ G965U (Snapdragon)

So there is no way to unlock it?

I am not certain. What I do know is /e/ only installs on the Exynos models. Sorry. I think where your confusion might be is with the “Unlocked”. :point_left:This unlocked likely is referring to it being mobile carrier “unlocked”. “Unlocking” the bootloader is completely different.

What country are you in? I might have a suggestion.

In the US but travel a lot

You will need to do a bit of research. A few things to consider possibly in addition to your current needs.

1: Be sure the bootloader can be unlocked which is usually tied to the model number of the phone if flashing yourself. This is beyond “S9+” ie many different models within the “S9+” catergory. Similar variables exists for most devices.

2: Verify the wireless bands the device supports vs the wireless network(s) you will be using the device on. Realize that if there is not a 100% overlap your coverage could be a bit spotty in the areas missing.

3: Verify “WiFi calling” (VoWiFi) and “LTE calling” (VoLTE) are supported both by the device and the /e/ ROM for that device. Some can do without VoWiFi but few can do without VoLTE. This is especially important with traveling as networks worldwide are phasing out calling over 2/3G and moving all calls LTE.

  1. Preferences on phone hardware specifications.

  2. Ensure the phone is not locked to any mobile carrier (ATT, TMobile or their Mobile Virtual Network Operators, “MVNOs” like Metro by TMobile, Cricket, etc.