S9+ install stuck at step "Downloading... Do not turn off target"

I have bought a refurbished S9+ phone in Paris.

easy-installer declares it is supported : “Your SM_G965F is compatible with e/OS”

At step “disable OEM protection”, I shutdown the phone.
I press the three hard button, there is a menu, I choose “Reboot to bootloader”

I see easy-installer doing something quickly (too short duration to read or capture the message)

Then easy-installers show this:

And my phone displays

   Do not turn off target

   Volume Down Key ...;
   Cancel (Restart phone)

It is stuck at this step, nothing happens (even after 12 hours).

Looking at easy installer log, here is what I see, I don’t know to which step it corresponds

    Downloading device's PIT file...

    PIT file download successful.

    Uploading RECOVERY


    RECOVERY upload successful

Thanks for your help

Note: I am totally new to smartphone, but I have experience on Linux

Hi @fazup welcome to the /e/ forum. This message on your device is rather misleading! as I noted in this article Know your hardware - Samsung - device is really saying “Ready” - it seems to now be fully ready for the “instruction” which you see on your PC “now do the reboot into new Recovery”!

However, if you are still waiting patiently, read the whole article, where I also describe the significant “First boot in TWRP”.

RECOVERY upload successful

Is telling you that Easy Installer has completed replacing the “Samsung/Android” Recovery with the Recovery chosen by Easy Installer - probably e-Recovery - this is the name of the /e/ custom Recovery, much like TWRP is a custom Recovery.

Getting Started on /e/OS

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Thank for the help received.

The “recovery” program was indeed uploaded to the smartphone successfully.

What was difficult at this step :

  • to act against what the message says “Do not turn off…”
  • I finally understood that the volume button can be pushed on the upper part or the lower part (unlike a keyboard’s key), I thought my phone was a model different from the one documented in the easy-installer instructions, with one volume button instead of two.

I have executed the more detailed button instructions from the “know your hardware - Samsung”, to reboot into “teamwin” sucessfully.