S9+ OS & security updates

Hi there,

In a few month I’ll probably have to change my smartphone and as I’m trying to de-googlize myself, I’m exploring other options (though I’m not a tech person at all).

So, I’ve done a lot of reading and scrolling through you forums (congrats on your patience answering everyone !) but didn’t find a crystal clear answer so I’m posting this here (swear I did a lot of reading, don’t shoot me if there is already a topic on this :sweat_smile: )

As I understand, the S9+ that is sell on the /e/ store comes with an Oreo version of Android and will be supported with security updates until January 2021.
I think I understood that an upgrade to Pie will come for this device, and so the security updates will continue after Jan 2021 (for at least another year), but not really sure of what I read.

Anyway: can you assure me that security updates will continue to be send to the S9+ after jan 21 ?

Sorry for my english (french guy here) and thanks for your amazing work, :+1:
ZobiOne :v:

P.S.: another thing, I’ve been reading a thread about MicroG (didn’t know what it was before :slight_smile: ) Is it necessary to leave it enabled for apps from FDroid or the /e/ app gallery ? (I know the answer would be something like “depends on the app”, but on a general level I mean, is this kind of mandatory ?)

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Hi, welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

You are 1 step ahead. Right now, the S9+ is on Nougat but an Oreo version is currently under testing and phones bought at e Foundation will receive this update later (2 mounths ? 4 mounths ? I don’t know).

And later, it will be upgraded to Pie (but no date at all for now).

So yes, if you buy a phone from the e Foundation, you will receive official security updates until Google drops support for Pie (that’s Google who publishes security updates).

It depends on :

  • when Google will drop support of Pie ?
  • Will the e Foundation upgrade this phone to Android 10 (Q) ? If yes, you will have another year of security updates. But we’re not there yet so I don’t know.

Fow now, there is no plan to drop any supported devices.

Applications coming from F-Droid don’t need MicroG since they are free of Google services. But applications coming from the /e/ Apps store can need MicroG, yes.

Thanks for the quick answer.
Everything’s quite clear now.

but there is a follow up question sorry :sweat_smile:
Let’s pretend security updates stop coming to the phone on january 2021. How bad will this be ? Considering I’m not a tech person at all but try to be cautious with what I do (don’t enable bluetooth unless I’m using it (so yes it can be with earphones in public places), don’t use public WiFi, don’t download an app without checking it first (well kind of checking it, as I said I’m not a tech person but I trust F-Droid and do a little research on the web before installing it)).

So, considering I intend to keep the next phone for as long as possible, how bad would this be, not to be up-to-date security wise. And I also understand that the answer can be tricky (like “no sweat if no major security flaw is discovered” … but so it depends on things we don’t know yet). So I guess what I’m really asking is: would you, tech folks out there, use a phone that is 1, 2, 3 years behind in terms of security updates ?

ZobiOne :v:

Yes I could use a not updated phone because I don’t see me buy a new phone just for security updates (or even for a new android version if there is no major differences), but I would be very careful on what I install.

Actually, even if right now my phone (Galaxy J5 2015) receives security updates, I don’t think the hardware (wifi chip, bluetooth chip, etc) are updated (because Samsung or the manufacturer of those chips don’t support them anymore). So I’m already living with a phone with potentially discovered vulnerabilities. (I’m not sure about what I’m saying but I think I’m right)

Anyway, I guess Google will at least support Pie for 3 years, so you will receive security updates at least until end of 2021.