Samsung A5 does not boot into twrp

hey there!
I was already asking stuff about a similar phone in the last days. actually it is not possible to install e-foundaton but people here still helped me a lot to solve my problems. so I write again here, hope it is ok. if you have a better place where to ask for support, tell me.

So the phone I have now samsung a5ultexx/a5ulte 6.0.1/MMB29M/A500FU, I managed to install heimdall and it seems to correctly install twrp, I (tried with 2 versions, twrp- and the other I don’t remember), then it blocks on the blue screen “downloading” and I can only turn off the phone pressing power+menu+volume down. then it reboots automatically into the old system. and then if I power off and reboot power+menu+volume up it doesn’t boot into twrp but into android recovery mode.

maybe I can install the system without twrp?

thank you!!

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You should be able to reflash TWRP if immediacy after shutting down ( hold volume down + power ), you immediately reboot to recovery mode ( hold home + vol-up + power ) since the screen turns black, during the Samsung logo, until the two little yellow and blue appears on top of the screen, then you can release your finger.

But, If TWRP works, you shouldn’t be able to install /e/ because your device is not supported.


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yes I want to install an unofficial lineage.

now, weirdly I don’t even manage to flash the twrp:

sudo heimdall flash --RECOVERY twrp.img --no-reboot
ERROR: Failed to open file “twrp.img”

although I think I didn’t change anything!

On your PC, You have to open the terminal in the folder where TWRP has been downloaded.
Or you have to run the command in the path where the TWRP.img is located on your PC.

.img —> heimdall
.tar —> odin