Samsung Galaxy A01

Hello everyone. :wave:
i would like to know, Is there a possibility for Samsung Galaxy A01?
i want to try this os, but i cant find my device in any devices lists (custom, unnoficial, official), so i really would like to know is there any chance of getting running “e” on my galaxy a01 device (Android version 10)
Thx for any replies :heart:


I looked and this device isn’t supported by /e/ or LineageOS. TWRP isn’t available either. This device is too new.

You can request this model by adding it here:
The more people that respond, the better your chances.

Frankly, it probably won’t be available until TWRP is available. Watch for it at

Good luck.


Aw, that’s sad. Hope twrp for my phone comes out quickly.
Anyways, big thx for the info and good luck to you too!

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