Samsung Galaxy A125F/DSN

Greetings /e/ Community,
The subject says it all, /e/ Operating System is exactly my dream for our new Galaxy A12 smartphone, it would be great if it was supported!
Nevertheless, I saw that the Galaxy A5 and A7 are listed, has anybody tried to install it on the Galaxy A7?
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Hello! I also support the addition of the Samsung Galaxy A12 as part of the compatible devices list for /e/ os, and that despite having mostly flagship phones are always the top priority when it comes to having custom firmware, we need people who also give chances to mid-range phones to have more choices to have custom firmware on their phones. I also use a Samsung Galaxy A12, and I would also love to see it being one of the compatible devices for it.

Hopefully a lot of people would pick this up, even though its not primarily just the Galaxy A12, but most mid-range phones as well.


I’m also interested.

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This seems a Mediatek-based (MT6765 Helio P35 chipset) device, so you have to look at GSI:

I suggest you to ask/push it in its XDA section too: