Samsung Galaxy A50

Hi there, can you please add support for the Galaxy A50? Thank you.


The Samsung Galaxy A50 SM-A505F has an FM radio receiver integrated as hardware.

Reading tip: FM radio missing

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Hi there, is that a problem?

Hello @EonOfBlack, I can’t see any problem. FM radio for Samsung’s Galaxy Europe versions are rare. Accordingly, it is a feature that should be singled out.

Hello! It would be great to be able to install /e/ on a Galaxy A50. Is there any plan for it?
Thank you!

Yes, it should be great to have a /e/ support for Galaxy A50. Do you know any plan ?
Thank you too !

Please support the Samsung Galaxy A50. That would be great!


A50 is already a’ ‘Treble’ device:

It can run e.GSI:
GSI for not yet supported treble phones [2020/06/14]?

You are correct, the Samsung Galaxy A50 is a Treble enabled device, but no, it can not run the e GSI. It simply does not boot, even with various patches.

Sorry, I didn’t know…

Does it boot with other GSI ?