Samsung Galaxy A6 SM-A600FN/DS

Dear All,
Recently I succesfuly installed /e/os on my Samsung Galaxy J500F/DS
The phone works out of the box! Thank you.
Now I gladly join the earlier requets for an /e/os for the

Device: Samsung
Model: Galaxy SM–A600FN/DS
Android version: Android 10
Lineage-API level: Ilama (9)

Thanks in advance and kind regards,

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hi, why not having a try with the /e/ GSI ?

Request for Samsung A6

Any news about A6 SM-A600FN/DS e-os support?

4 year without e-os!! A tragedy!

If it’s this device, there isn’t an official LOS ROM for this device, and the most recent unofficial ROM is LOS16 / Android Pie. Which means that /e/ won’t be supporting it officially, and making an unofficial /e/ build may be difficult.

If you own this device, and want to move away from Google / Stock ROM, then better to pick one of the custom ROMs from here, than wait for an /e/OS build that probably won’t be coming:

I do believe that builders can do “something” with those source trees:

Those links are giving me ‘Page not found’ errors

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You’re right, these repos has been deleted…

Check out GH if there’s some mirrors:

EDIT: found a mirror