Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J730F (j7eltexx) - extend compatibility?

Thanks to @archje I have not bricked my device. I’d love it if the j7eltexx ROM could be extended to the J730 series.



I just got a Samsung Galaxy J7, however the model is the SM-J730F. The page for j7eltexx indicates that only the 700 series models are compatible, i.e. not the SM-J730F. I don’t want to risk bricking this one!



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Please note - it says explicitly:

/e/ OS Information - Models Supported SM-J700x Other models are not supported

  • SM-J730x - Exynos 7870 | Display 1080 x 1920 px | Released 2017, July
  • SM-J700x - Exynos 7580 | Display 720 x 1280 px | Released 2015, June

Never install a ROM that isn’t designed for the specific device. The risk of permanent damage is very high!

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Thanks, I am glad I checked. I’ll make a request for this model!