Samsung Galaxy S7 (heroltebmc) easy installer issue

Hi there! I’ve tried to use the easy installer to install /e/ on my samsung galaxy s7 gm-930w8 and it says it’s not supported by the installer, even though it says so on the website

Here’s the error message:

Here’s the website showing it’s supported

It seems like my phone should be supported, but it doesn’t seem like it is. It has the exynos processor, it’s unlocked, I unlocked OEM, I did what the easy installer asked, other than turning on android debugging. I could only find USB debugging, so I turned that on. Still, no dice. Any ideas?

Edit: I’d also like to know if the easy installer doesn’t work, can I just do it manually? I’m fine to do that, I just want to make sure my phone is supported before I flash everything.

Your first screenshots looks like Windows on your computer. In that case: can you copy this folder name to the file explorer location bar (not sure if that’s the correct term): %LOCALAPPDATA%\easy-installer
There should be one or more log files with names like 45761d08-711f-435a-881d-a236949654bb.log

Those log files typically are too large to upload to the forum directly. So can you paste the contents of the log to and share the generated link here?

According to your “sm-g930w8” should be detected as codename “herolte”. Looking at that screenshot indicates the phone identifies as something else. But the log should contain the relevant details.

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Yes, and it’s not hard to do that - especially if you work with a WindowsPC as host machine.

On Windows, use the Samsung compatible Odin v3.14.4 and flash TWRP Recovery. With TWRP Recovery you install the /e/ OS. This guide might help you with that: [HOWTO] Install /e/ on a Samsung smartphone with Windows easily.

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Thanks for the reply! There were 3 log files, 2 were 7 kb and one was 12 kb

Here’s the 12 kb one

Here’s the first 7 kb one

It seems to have hidden my messages due to putting links in them, so I’m gonna try again

here’s the 12 kb log file
paste. c-net. org/ JunctureGritty

and here’s the 7 kb file
paste. c-net. org/ OversDonkeys

The relevant log lines are

List of devices attached

ce071717c42290fc0d     device product:heroltebmc model:SM_G930W8 device:heroltebmc transport_id:1

So the phone’s code name is heroltebmc, but the installer checks for herolte.
I don’t know enough about Samsung phones and if this is a significant difference that would make it incompatible with /e/.

So would I be able to manually install /e/?

Sorry, I have no idea if that’s possible.

I don’t know enough about Samsung phones and if this is a significant difference that would make it incompatible with /e/.

Hey Ash, I may attempt this myself. Question for you: Where did you get your device from ? I got mine unlocked from Samsung store in Canada so it’s the exynos as well.

I had gotten mine at a koodo kiosk years ago!