Samsung Galaxy S8+ stuck in beta, while S8 is stable

Hi, I have been using the beta version of e os for my Samsung S8+ for around 3 months. Apart from annoying bugs, things are going well. I believe that the S8 and the S8+ are basically the same phone, but in different sizes. However, the S8 is on stable but my S8+ is still in beta.

Will the S8+ be easy to move to stable soon?
Has anyone tried using the ROM for the S8 with an S8+?

Also, are there any higher security risks of being stuck on beta? My updater says that there has not been an update since April 2022!

Thanks in advance for answers to any of these questions.


/e/OS for S8/S8+ is moved to Android 11 (R). Older versions of Android for your device are not supported anymore.

OK…so what does this mean for me?
Sorry for being stupid, but does this mean that I should first update to Android 11? Or that I will never be able to update again?

Other than out of date software and no OS improvements, is there any consequence of being on beta?

Yes, you will have to manually upgrade to Android R, then you will receive OTA updates again.
(make sure you take a backup of your personal data first)

Check this for more info about the different build types :

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Thanks for the info @MRTN. I will do a careful backup and then upgrade to Android R :smiley:

Can you point me to a good guide on how to do this please?



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