Samsung Galaxy Tab s5e (LTE) SM-T725


I’m searching for the e/os/ version for my samsung Galaxy Tab S5e LTE version.

Today only wifi version is supported by E/os/, instead lineage already support the both LTE and Wifi versions.

Device brand : Samsung Galaxy Tab s5e (LTE) SM-T725
supported Android versions: Android 9, 10
what other ROM is it currently running : LineageOS,

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I have the same request - looks like we have to use LOS for the time being and wait for the /e/ version to become available - I also tried to build it myself which should not be so difficult if a supported LOS version exists - but failed -
Have you tried to install /e/ wifi on the LTE device - is that working except LTE ?

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I have latest /e/ release 0.21r on my Tab S5e and it works fine, also LTE