Samsung J5 (2016) SM-J510FN

Hello community,

This is my first topic, please be understanding if I am not clear.

I’m rather happy with this J5 (2016) device, that I have used painlessly for over 3 years now. I would like to give the /e/ OS a go, since I am sympathetic of your approach. Other Samsung Galaxy J5 devices appear in the supported devices’ list, but not this one.

The SM-J510FN was originally on Android Marshmallow (6.0.1) then upgraded to Nougat (7.1.1)
I couldn’t find the full list of specs corresponding to my model (official ROM J510FNXXU2BRE1) but the closest ones are here (in French):

An unofficial Lineage OS 15.1 ROM is listed here:

but not being sure it really correspond to my model I didn’t try it. Also, I’m not really easy with the rooting procedure required to put that in place.

I hope other users of this smartphone are also interested in running it with the /e/ OS.

Thank you!

See also → Support for SM-J510FN

Hello archie.

Thank you!
Sorry, that thread did not appear when I searched for the model. Hmm, I need to understand better how search works.

However, I notice that the link you give me is about a different “flavor” of SM-J510FN: mine has not dual SIM, for instance. Not sure if that’s relevant.

In any case, I’m happy others are interested in /e/ support for this smartphone!


Please do not misunderstand me, but my link is for information only and points only to an already existing topic. It’s more clear for the /e/ team to bundle device-suggestions in one thread.

It is essential to pay attention to the device specifications.

On the website of → Sammobile are listed various Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) specifications. Also → Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) DUOS SM-J510FN/DS is supported by Multi-SIM / Dual SIM spoken.

GSMarena’s J510FN says (single) SIM. And LOS-developer Exodusnick documents on xdadevelopers the model name “Samsung S4 VALUE EDITION (GT-I9515) (jfvelte)” and doesn’t talk about DUOS.
PHONEmore says 1 slot micro-SIM (3FF), → inside digital also says “Micro-SIM; multiple SIM (no).”

Yes, sorry I understand you were giving the address of the other thread for information. I also see the point about the /e/ team preferring single-threads for a particular device-suggestion

It’s my ignorance about the building of a ROM what makes unclear to me where what seem to me “small” differences between different variants of a “model”, are important or not for that process.

From the links that you kindly provide, the one at GSMarena is the one that thoroughly describes my telephone (in the single SIM variant, of course).

Thank you for your efforts in making all this more clear!