Samsung S10/+/e - anyone trying it out with R?

Please post your findings, thoughts, tips.

More likely here for a /e/ ROM :wink:

So far it has been very good in my experience with a few minor issues. At the time of writing, /e/OS 0.18 is the newest version for android R.

I do experience the already reported issues for /e/OS R, namely the disappearing widgets in the default launcher and in my case also not so great automatic brightness.

I have not tested calling yet (I am just setting up the phone for somebody else) but bluetooth worked, the finger print sensor works (unlock with fingerprint also works with screen off), audio works, all the cameras work (photo and video) and I can’t remember anything else off the top of my head.

Once it has been tested with calling I will report back, it may take some weeks though.

To summarize: It is a great phone, it runs very nicely, the launcher issue does not bother me because I like to use a different launcher anyway.

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Mobile data, GPS, WiFi, microphones, earpiece speaker and headphones also work. Will not be able to verify NFC since I never use(d) it.

Edit: Also a note about the fingerprints, you may have to restart the phone once when initially enabling this in the settings. After this has been done once, adding more fingerprints without restarting was not an issue.

Thanks for your report.

IIRC it was said that WiFi calling and VoLTE weren’t working because it couldn’t be turned on or something because it’s locked out on Samsung devices …? Can you confirm?