Samsung S7 Hanging up with many issues

Samsung S7 SM-G930F, 0.19-20211023142427, Android 7.1.2 Oct 23, 2021

For the past few months now my phone will not dial out unless I try 3 or 4 times.
This also happens to in coming calls also. With all this Bliss Launcher now hangs and restarts now. As of now I can not receive txt pictures or send them as I could a week ago, they never send and fails, tap to retry.

I have no idea what is going on with the phone now, I also have not seen any new updates lately. One thing I know is I have an extensive lengthy Blocked list for one.
Use to work great. anyone knows whats going on? Help!


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I would restore a backup or if that not exists make a factory reset. Alternatively capture and study some logs and then … ;- )

If I make a factory reset will I have to reinstall /e/ again?
Where would I find the logs?
Do you know where the blocked call list is located?

When /e/ is installed, Factory reset returns to /e/ “First start wizard”.

For Blocked calls please check

Contacts app > Settings (in top left 3 bar menu) > Blocked numbers

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Maybe I asked the wrong question, sorry I knew where in the settings, Let me ask again, How can I save the lists and import for when I do a factory reset?

Opps deleted by accident, but no matter this phone will be taken out of service since this is a 3G phone and I was informed by the carrier that the system will not support 3G any longer. So that solves this question/problem.

I´d say your carrier is wrong, he may refer to your SIM card instead (?)
S7 SM-G930F is capable of 4G (mine certainly is)
(Samsung Galaxy S7 - Full phone specifications)

They did say my S7 will be incomparable with there new system 4G/5G system.
I bought a 4G. I’ve had too many issues with that phone anyway. Got a Samsung Galaxy S8 SM-G950FD they claim will be compatible with there new system.
I had very little issues to load e. Have a small issue with the notification LED working and not working is the only issue I have now and not sure why it works then does not.
They also claim the SIM would not need to be change, I called and asked directly, so I will see comes to light.