Samsung S7 hardware defect, how to wipe phone data?

Same days ago i bought an used Samsung S7 and installed /e/ via the installer. After this i’ve updated to the v14-Oreo dev build. Due to that upgrade process I’ve removed every login security from the phone. After the upgrade process I’ve did not re-enabled security for the lock screen, so its still directly without any security. I setup all account and then shutdown the phone.

Now the problem: After restart today the screen was left black. I could see on the LED and the Buttons that it was started, also got a vibration feedback and sounds, but the screen is still black.
I’ve tried all the restart tricks from YT (via Invidious;-)) and finally came to the conclusion that it must be a hardware defect.
Now I want to delete(wipe) all data from the device to send it for repair, but I can’t do it from the device itself, because I don’t see anything.
Is there any why to delete all data from the Phone via PC ? Win, Mac, Linux?

/[TUTO qui attend vos corrections...] Installation Android stock sur un Samsung avec odin


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Installing Stock Android 8.0 via Odin or Heimdall deletes all data irrevocably, as a basic formatting is performed.The fact that nothing can be seen on the S7 display is not particularly relevant for flashing Stock Android 8.0.

  1. Start the S7 in Samsung Download-Mode

  2. Start Odin (Windows)

  3. Connect the S7 to the PC via USB 2.0 cable.

  4. Odin reports in the log window: Added!!!
    If this does not happen, press the VOL(+) button on the S7.

  5. Now add the corresponding files of the unzipped stock ROMs to the fields BL, AP, CP, CSC in Odin. In the ‘Options’ window, check that [x] Auto Reboot and [x] F. Reset Time are activated (this is usually the default).

  6. Click 'Start'

After the automatic reboot, you cannot set up the system due to lack of free space, but only switch it off. However, it is important to note that your personal data is deleted.