Samsung S9+ Oem Unlock

I’m following the steps provided at to install /e/. My S9+ didn’t have the OEM Unlock option so I checked for system updates, installed the updates and rebooted my phone. However, the OEM Unlock option isn’t available after the update and reboot. I’ve also followed the instructions from this article including the comment suggestion about moving the date forward after moving it back. I also tried the suggestions from this, but still no success. My S9+ has the snapdragon processor, if that makes a difference. The android security patch level is October 1, 2019. Any suggestions on how to get the OEM unlock option would be appreciated. Thanks!

@dereks, the OEM unlock option is probably not installed on every device: »It appears sometime that the OEM unlock option is missing from Development options, especially on new devices.«

Yes, the CPU makes a huge difference. The three S9+ models supported by /e/OS are SM-G965F - F/DS - N. These devices have a Samsung Exynos Soc/CPU… Other models are not supported

Thank you for the clarification on which models are supported.