Sandbox in phone browser instead of apps?



Can /e/ do this?

In addition to its high-performance and tightly integrated “native” applications, the Librem 5 phone will be able to run HTML5 (web) applications, which means common applications you use everyday will be available through the web browser. We plan to sandbox and isolate these applications from the OS, so the applications will not be able to have visibility into other running applications or have access to areas that you do not explicitly allow.


When I use Twitter Mobile in the /e/ browser for instance, can Twitter access some of my data? What is this sandbox browser thing really?


@cedricoola when ever we use any app like whatsapp, twitter even if we are on /e/ our information would be going via twitter and its servers. Ideally we should stop using these apps…easier said than done as most of our friends and family members continue to use them.
Here is an article which had some info on the data twitter keep about us


On the sandbox browser thing - what librem mentions is they are creating an environment in which when we as users use any of these popular apps which on their OS our data will be sandboxed/ protected. Interesting and useful concept. This and more such innovations will definitely be in the long term goals for /e/ thanks for pointing it out.