Screen Auto-Rotate in Home-Screen Samsung (Galaxy Note 10.1 3G)

how can I switch on the Auto-Rotate mode for the Home-Screen. The Auto-Rotate setting in display settings menu has no effect for the Home-Screen, only for all other (App-) screens. The Home-Screen is always in portrait mode, but I want landcape mode.
My Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 3G (GT-N8000)
Installed /e/:

Many thanks for your help.


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Many Launcher / Homescreen apps will only display in portrait mode, and do not support auto-rotate. I believe this is the case for /e/'s Bliss launcher. (I can’t check for sure as my device does not have Bliss installed)

Have a try with “OpenLauncher” from F-droid store.

Hi piero,
“OpenLauncher” was a good idea and solved my problem :slight_smile: , thank you very much!
The “Bliss Launcher” installed in /e/ is very limited in its setting options.