Screen Timeout ineffective

Hi everyone,

I’v set up Screen Timeout to start after one minute of inactivity but it doesn’t work for at least one application that I use to view my photos: F-Stop.

I had a look in F-Stop settings to check if there’s a specific setting that would override the Screen Timeout /e/ OS setting but didn’t find anything relevant.

And I think I’ve seen that behaviour with other apps as well.

Do you guys have an idea what is this issue due to?

Thank you for your support!

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That’s a feature. Picture related apps (cameras, galleries) have in many cases an own handling of some screen parameters (switching off after a time period, also brightness). If you don’t want this you must switch this off in the apps you use.

Thank you.
The weird thing is I didn’t find any relevant setting in F-Stop app that could override the /e/ OS screen timeout setting.
So I started a thread on F-Stop app support page.

I never used F-Stop, it has 3 trackers. I use Simple Gallery for viewing pictures which turns screen brightness on maximum when you select a picture for viewing, but it switches off correctly after the in the system configured period. I had once a problem with OpenCamera which lets the screen on by default as long as it’s open. But this app has an option to switch this off.

Thanks for your feedback @irrlicht.
I was already using F-Stop prior to switch to /e/ and I just couldn’t get used to another app :slight_smile: