Scrolling screenshot

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to take scrolling screenshots on FP4?

I’m on /e/OS 1.2 and I’m not seeing the “capture more” option or anything similar when I take screenshots.


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For now, third party Apps can do this for you.
(I don’t use one, I can’t recommend one, I would now just search the internet for one like anybody else.)

Scrolling screenshots are a native Android feature from Android 12 on, it seems … Hands-on with Android 12's scrolling screenshot feature - Android Authority. There is no /e/OS on any device based on Android 12 yet (see Smartphone Selector).
Phones on their vendor stock Android variants before Android 12 might have this out of the box if phone vendors implemented this feature themselves (mentioned in the linked article). /e/OS is based on LineageOS, which is based on what Google offers as AOSP (Android Open Source Project), so no phone vendor specific goodies by default.


If vendors were able to implement scrolling screenshots (by just double-knocking and swiping down) even on Android 9, then I wonder why wouldn’t be able to do so. I’m missing this feature very much.

Constrained development resources I would guess, as well as the fact that the feature should come with Android 12 anyway, and that’s where devices still to be supported in 2024+ are headed anyway.

I’m on /e/OS Android 12, I had a quick look, and like the article I linked to before suggests, the feature is there in the default /e/OS browser at least (based on the same base as Chrome).

You could still open an issue in the GitLab to make the /e/OS developers aware of your needs, I didn’t find anything there just now in this regard … Issues · e · GitLab.

I would like to do so, but cannot create an account. My email address is being rejected. Do you happen to know if average users can create accounts there?

Yes, you can …