SD Card: Used be accident "Adoptable Storage" How to make "mobile storage"?

I bought a Murena GS290 phone and inserted a SD-card. Be accident a formatted the sd-card as “adoptable storage”. Now I have system files on that sd-card.
But I wish to “transport” that sd-card between my computer-systems. How do I make the sd-card back to “mobile”?
Any chance?
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Additional Info:
SD Card shows:
Apps: 0 GB
System: 5,4 GB
Data in Cache: 0 GB

When clicking onto SD-card it offers:
-Format as mobile
-Migrate data.

“Format as mobile” says, that all data is being lost. But there is system data on it. Will I have a brick after that?
Migrate data only allows to migrate from internal to sd card. Not the other way around

It feels a difficult position but I think if you eject the card the phone will work just fine.

If you find that you cannot get “things you want” off the card on a PC, a thing I did is to connect an OTG drive and transfer it via the phone using Files app.

it was said the internal options on SD card were to be dropped, but you seem to indicate that the wording is even more confusing.

To reuse the SD card I think you may have to format it on a PC (Fat 32 is what they come with) - but once you are OK that you have harvested what you want off the “old” card you might try a format option as formatting on the device would be preferable.



System datas on SD may be from third party apps only. You can check by turning off the phone, removing SD and rebooting.

Replace SD, then connect to PC with USB wire, save your personnal files and you can format as “external storage” from the phone’s storage menu.

Reinstall and config the broken apps…


Thanks for the answers…
I will try within a few days and report my experiences.

I followed the adviced given by @trefix and @aibd. First of all: Thanks to you two! It worked!

Here is in detail what happened on my new phone, for those that are unsure:
I shut down the telephone
I removed the SD-card
I rebooted the telephone
The telephone was complaining about the missing SD-card. I ignored that.
The telephone booted well
I was checking all apps
I could not detect any errors
I checked the messengers, the phone, the sms engine, all worked
So I used the formatting option of the telephone: make an adoptable Sd-Card a mobile one.
It formatted and put some stuff on it: Mainly system things
This I have done a couple of days ago.
Till now everything is working perfectly.

Thanks guys for your help!

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Thanks for following through on this @Roger and posting your success! Just did the same, and I have my SD card back :blush: