Securiry settings -Trust

Hi all!

I’m using a FP3+ with eOS pre-installed on it. I’ve seen some pictures where, into the setting Trust, you can change some settings regarding privacy for apps. On mine, I can’t change or click on anything (see images attached). Does anyone has a idea why or how could I change it? I did not change any default settings that deep in the system.

Thanks for your tips and help!

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It is the Permission manager (Gestionnare…) in your first screenshot. You get to a permission list with all the apps.

The other way around, if you select any app under Settings > Apps & Notification > See all # apps > an app > Permissions, you may check the app-specific permissions there.

The feature was present in Nougat and Pie,
but seems to be abandoned since LineageOS 17 (Quince tart) based on android 10