Selective folder(s) sync with murena

Hi, I have “Pictures and videos” sychronization to murena turned off and I’m using RCX (rclone) with mega for backups, where I can select what to sync. I have been wondering, if I can choose folder(s), which I want to have synced with murena? Some of the things I’d not mind to have have stored somewhere unencrypted. Is this possible? Thanks.

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the official nextclient client can do this if you want it today. It’s a common request.

The backlog issue #5632 that tracks the progress on granular file sync used to be public, but went private recently (too many impatient comments?) - … creating a gitlab account just to vote on an issue seems cumbersome anyway.

Projects with a bigger community introduced “feature voting platforms” (firefox, jellyfin) to not overwhelm their bug/code trackers, maybe /e/ could use this too… discourse has a voting plugin.