Selfhosting or not Selfhosting

Did you run the OCC files:scan ?

No, I don’t known this command

  1. log on to your NextCloud with ncadmin account
  2. enable OCC Web app (, it should be in Tools category
  3. launch it from the icon at top bar
  4. find your user with “user:list” (ID is at left, before the “:” ), let’s say “
  5. run a files scan against your account with “files:scan
  6. there’s no “exit” in OCC Web, just switch to another app
    Hint : within OCC Web, you can get commands list with enter on a blank line, and help with “help command:subcommand”

About files:scan : you have to use it each time files are added/deleted/changed outside of NextCloud web or API (external storage, local storage using shell or ftp, …).

Unfortunaly it did not work, I did what you wrote and waited two houre but the music forlder did not sync with my phone.

Thans anyway for the great explanations!

It’s what I was afraid of : synchronization probably don’t work with NextCloud external storage :frowning:

In this case, I’ll do the mapping outside NextCloud, at OS level, hopping your provider will allow it …
You can take a look at, especially the “Permanent mount” part.
Your files are in /mnt/repo-base/volumes/nextcloud/data/{user}/files/ …

Be aware that your NAS will have to be online when rebooting the cloud server.