Sending email to a group in contacts on Murena Cloud

I created a Group in my contacts on my Murena Cloud. To the right of the group name is a drop down with a choice of ‘Send email’. I am expecting that I would be able to send a single email to everyone in this group and that it would use the service to do this. When I click on the ‘Send email’ nothing happens. There are 82 contacts in this group. Is there a limit of group size in order to send an email?

As a test, I created a new group in Contacts on my Murena Cloud called ‘Test’. I put one single contact in this group. Now when I choose ‘Send email’ from the group called Test something does happen. The email I use on my device (laptop) is Proton Mail. When I choose ‘Send email’ in my contacts on the Murena Cloud it opens my Proton Mail on my laptop vs using on my Murena cloud. It opens a new message but does not put the contact email on the TO: line. It should at least populate the contacts in the Group. What good is the function otherwise and why is it not using the Murena Cloud email?

Is there further information on Murena Cloud Contact Group emailing or is this just not working?

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Working for me using Fossamail (a fork of ThunderBird) and a test group with 2 contacts.

I would expect it to work with on Murena right from the cloud? I might try another email client just to test around but still the cloud…