Server error when trying to access my address


There seems to be a problem with the email service on ecloud. When I try to read my email, both from thunderbird and from the webmail inside the nextcloud instance, it responds with “[SERVERBUG] internal error occured”.

Are there any known issues at the moment that may cause this?

Thanks for your help!


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I think there’s a general outage on e-cloud services tonight.
Same appears when you try to download any e ROM…

Ecloud outage

I have passed the messages to the team member who is looking into it.

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Hi @stanwood @Mgns pl can you check now. The services should be working now.


( when you try to download any e ROM… )

services seem not yet to work again… :worried:

Pl can you test now. The issue was resolved by the engineers. It should be working for send and receive of emails.

God morning,

I confirm that the email service is working for me again now, both for thunderbird and rainloop.

Thanks a lot for your help!


It’s perfect now! Thank you!

Yes, does work again - thank you!