Session: A Private Messenger That Doesn't Need Phone Number


There’s a more into depth review - unfortunately only in German:

I am going to install later and check how it works. :slight_smile:

Looks promising, I have had it installed on both phone and desktop (.deb) for the past couple weeks or so, however I havent converted anyone over to it yet to actually start to use it. Only just finished getting all my important people to join me on telegram/signal :sweat_smile:


It was hard to make them move to Telegram/Signal without making them scan a QR code.
Imagine now hahahah

So far I just have Session messages coming :sweat_smile:

This concept is really good, but for normal people the handling looks a bit too complicated.


Something weird I noticed:

And of course, I didn’t use it at all.

This was just when I deactivated background data.
Can you guys also check your data usage?


I wonder if there isn’t a link to an issue that I have reported a while ago:

Maybe you could report your observations as well in the Git:

I don’t know if it’s linked to /e/
All the other apps are behaving normally.
I just noticed this peak of background usage on the Session app.

Nothing beats IRC / XMPP. Use OMEMO and it should work just fine.

We need offline messages and file transfer support.

I believe is doing great and backed by FSF followers and community.

Not needing a phone number is a great idea, but then what is wrong with email then? With phone number there is a 2FA and not needing the email too.

Thanks manish.

I will take a look at it :slight_smile:

It needs a mobile phone to register.

My concern about needing a phone number is that usually this number is bound to id card and address demanded by it’s carrier. Therefore it isn’t super private, in my point of view.

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The App is currently unavailable. How so it doesn’t need a phone number? It does, cannot install it, the APK seems to be unavailable too.

Are you referring to Session? Can still download apk’s from their github

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My comment above was regarding Kontalk.

I’m not sure it’s a good idea to use an app with trackers like Android Google CrashLytics and Google Firebase Analytics. That’s a big nono. Besides Kontalk is android only, which is a big disadvantage.

Are you referring to Kontalk? Even the F-droid version?

Personally I wouldn’t bother with Kontalk, the project is pretty much dead. From what I’ve heard there is only 1 dev left maintaining kind of, as he says he is pursuing other things in life now.

Needing a phone number isn’t bad. You can go with XMPP + OMEMO if you like decentralized stuff with offline messaging support.

Yes, according to the securechatguide Kontalk has trackers. Not sure about the fdroid version. But if the playstore version has trackers, that’s bad enough.

I don’t think so. Can you please confirm the source?