Setting Up K-9 Email Client to Use e-cloud Email

So… like, how do I do that? I know how to set up a gmail account and have 3 set up. But even the email client that came with /e/OS is set up to use my gmail email account so that was no help. How do I set up an email client (in this case, K-9) to use my e-cloud email?

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first: for adding an goolag email account in e-email app you have to add the account under Settings/accounts NOT in email client
second: have a look here

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@harvey186 That link did the trick - Thanks Harvey.

K-9 Email doesn’t use a Google account - you have to enter the server and login info into the client. I suppose that’s why you guys based your standard email client on K-9 - at least that’s what I read in some of the posts on the forum while I was trying to figure this out.

By the way, I want to tell you how much I absolutely LOVE the /e/ cloud. The tasks section alone is worth leaving the Goolag … :smiley: I wish I had known about /e/ years ago. I’ve been searching for a Google alternative for a long time, especially for Tasks - their tasks interface is abysmal. Also, I appreciate all your help and taking care of my newbie questions - thanks! Definitely and seriously thinking of becoming an /e/ supporter!