Settings crashes when trying to set screen lock on S9+

hi, I had been running /e/ Oreo on my S9+ for for a few weeks before I decided to test something on Lineage-OS 17 (Android 10).
I took a nandroid backup via TWRP. after a restore (had to reinstall the Vendor image for the /e/ ROM to work) everything appeared to be working fine except the screen lock settings are not accepting the PIN.

I was able to access the screen after deleting the lock screen files from TWRP.

but since then even for a fresh install of /e/ (tried both the latest version and the one from Feb) every time I try to set a screen lock or fingerprint (which requires a screen lock) the Settings app crashes

If i install Linegae, it works fine, including screen lock settings, but reverting to /e/ I am still facing the issue.

any help/suggestions are welcome

Hello @johndoe, I would flash back the initially version of StockROM Android and then do the installation procedure for /e/ for star2lte dev (oreo) from the beginning. So there are many chances that the “star2lte” Lineage OS 17 (Android 10) “forgets”.

hey, I dont have the stock, but i’ve tried LineageOS 16 as well, which works fine, but doesn’t resolve the issue with /e/

The displayed Baseband Version on your S9+ gives information about the installed StockROM Android Bootloader & Banseband version.

With this data you can find the original StockROM version and this is the first step to solve a non-working /e/ OS.