Shall I or shall I not try it?

I bought a fp3 about 3 month ago. I do host my own nextcloud server, so I connected my phone to my NAS. Contacts, Calender are syncing. Everything right. I do care about data privacy, and that why I quit iOS and went to /e/.

I bought a new pf3+ for my wife, we did not recieved it yet, it should come this week. And Fairphone send the Phone with android 9 (I believe?). Shall I install /e/ or maybe it’s better not to do it.

It’s the first time that she will use an android system, so it will be a big change for here.
Dataprivacy is not alway as confortable as an Google or Apple Ecosystem. It need more research for some apps, and not all services are accessible anymore, so this is also a big change.
She likes to go on facebook, she use whatsapp and instagram and etc…

So dose it make sence to install /e/ if she do not care so much for data privacy?

She dose not use google stuff, so this would be easy for here.

Hope to get some inputs, but I understand thta this is a special Question :slight_smile:

Thanks for advices

I don’t see the point in installing /e/ if she doesn’t care about privacy nor if the goal is mainly to use apps that will steal her data. You would keep Google from stealing her data while allowing Facebook to do it. Doesn’t make much sense.

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About one of your points: the FP3+ comes with Android 10 preinstalled.

Considering that the purpose of /e/ is to make it easy to everyone then I would absolutely recommend going for that. As it is right now FP3 is getting a lot of attention from both communities (/e/ and FP) and things work great for the most part.

However you should ask yourself if she’s the type of person who can spare a few minutes to figure things out when they don’t work as expected. Like if a friend asks to install an app and it doesn’t work in her phone, or how to sync things to the cloud “like my friend does”. I mention this because I’ve seen it myself many times, some people just don’t have the patience and immediately label things as “garbage” without a second thought. And other people’s experiences are likely going to affect the perception of her own.

In my opinion, you should make it clear from the very beginning that it may take some time to adjust and that some things may not work as expected right away.

I don’t fully agree with @Genjuro in that it doesn’t matter just because she’s using things like Facebook. Obviously is not ideal from a privacy point of view but not having the entire phone and associated internet services spying continuously is already a major step forward… though you should be ready to roll back to stock Android as well :smiley:


Okay, thanks for the very fast responses. It helps me a lot.
It is a Christmas present so I have still a bit time to think about a good way.

Maybe I could install her TC to control the privacy of apps? Or maybe using shelter, but this is going to be a nightmare for me.

Thanks for the help

Yes, Tracker Control is probably the best app for your particular case as it’s very easy to setup and use. Don’t forget to remove permissions from apps if they don’t need them, I think that’s the most important part from a privacy and security perspective.

What exactly do you mean?

Here’s what I think about it, being in a similar situation.

Even if your wife “doesn’t care” about data privacy doesn’t mean she or you “shouldn’t care”. Lots of people aren’t properly informed, that’s why they don’t care.

The device’s still in your network with potential access to xour data, there’s still photos of you on it, she’s still texting and calling you. So I think it’s totally normal to try to migrate your partner to /e/ as well. Like we move our friends and family away from WhatsApp.

Beside of those reason, you can check App compatibility (I think the ones you named should work) and give her the FP3 with /e/. If this doesn’t work, you should be able to flash the stock ROM again (not a FP specialist myself, I’m sure another member can tell you more about this).

So to answer your initial question: I’d try it.


Just that you should check what permissions apps are asking for when installed. This is really important even though in later years is much more regulated. For example, why would a calculator app need access to my camera or network traffic? Try to give each app only those permissions that make sense and are not actually needed. You can do this by long-tap any app > info > permissions. Also from Settings > Apps & Notifications.

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For me the FP 3 on /e/ has been less buggy and glitchy than with stock os so theres that. I also believe /e/ to be better than Fairphone when it comes to speed of the bug fixes.


I think whether she cares or not about her privacy is not too important in this case. To be honest the experience on my FP3 using /e/ has been so satisfactory and so uncomplicated that I’d recommend it to anyone, privacy-conscious or not. Moreso if she doesn’t use google stuff to begin with. She will not only notice that her phone is faster and less bloated - the battery on my FP3 often lasts me for 3 days easily. So it also helps extend the life of the phone, which is important!
Go for it!


It of course depends on the usage pattern, but on stock ROM I also get 3 days, sometimes 4.

I totaly agree, I’m using this os since a couple of month but I’m very happy with it. And it was also to me a change from iOS to /e/ but I don’t miss iOS at all.

I will install /e/ on her new FP3+.

The only thing I miss is a full backup of my data and settings in case my fone is lost, broken or stolen. I know they are planing to do so but I think this will last until it’s usable. The twrp solution seams not to be user friendly, if I’m not mistaken.
But apart of that, I’m very happy with eOS


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