Should we have dedicated /e/ support channels in French and German?

As you are aware we have a dedicated telegram support channel for /e/ in English.

Should we start telegram channels dedicated for /e/ support in French and German??

A channel specifically for /e/ technical support and not general discussion.

We would like to know you comments and feedback on this.

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No, as I have written in telegram the German group is very silence, also the german part here in forum. Most german user are pm me direct if they run into in issue or if they have a question regarding e.

So no extra German support group needed from my site of view

I think it depends on the number of users and on the willingness and ability to use english support channels and forums.

So far it seems there’s no need for dedicated channels (I’m also in the german Telegram channel). As soon as there is a larger user base this might change.

True. We wanted to see if there would be users interested in such a language specific channel. Since English is not the first language for most /e/ users it may be helpful but it will all depend on what the users want.

Looking at the response on the telegram channel and here on the forum I guess we should

  • continue with the existing French and German telegram channels
  • not add additional channels.
  • Efforts should be made to make the existing French and German channels more ‘active’

I agree. And: promote their existence more actively. Ideally: refer always to all three support chsnnels together