Signal does not share my location

Hi @aibd I will try this, it is a very good idea! However, I still hope someone will react to my former post asking for help…

Let me please correct my former post: The “issue” was not an issue but a request for enhancement.

The twinhelix port works absolut fine

Can you be more specific about the enhancement you would like and from whom?

Hi @aibd sorry for the imprecise comment, I just wanted to correct my post where I used the term “issue”, which it is not… It is just not implemented so I thought a correction in wording makes sense. However, I think the request itself is still open:

“So, can anyone from this thread work on this with the information above? Does anyone here have an idea who to ask for help outside of this thread?”

In this thread it is established that this is a problem with mainstream Signal. It was tagged help wanted but maybe some there felt it was not important, it was closed and reopened. Help wanted is still there. You found a cause.

If you pass that along, that maybe just the help they need. I do not know, but they may tell you!

so somebody should fork microG? To have the snapshot feature available?
But you can also use the twinhelix signal port. works without snapshot feature.

Dear all,
the project team around MicroG is working on this. Please see the linked “issue” in my last post.

Thank you