Signal Messenger App Outdated


Today when I opened the Signal Messenger app, it showed me a warning saying that my version is outdated and that it will expire in 9 days.

Do you know of any issues related to the Apps store and Signal at the moment ?

I am running version 0.8-2020041449770 on a OnePlus One and my version of Signal is 4.54.3


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Received the same notification today.

Nothing but a blank screen appears when clicking on it. Why is such a notification directly in the App, and not thru the Apps Store ?


I am running 0.7-o-2020010636666-stable-star2lte on a Samsung S9+

please check via Aurora from f-droid. The buildin apps store has bugs as hell and most apps ae outdated.

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Better option would be to install Signal direct from their website. Scroll down under the ‘Danger Zone’ this apk is self-updating.


Thanks for the solutions provided!

Just to know if this happens with other apps, how probable is it that /e/ can fix this types of issues? Is it better to seek for an workaround like with Signal or is it valuable for the /e/ team to get informed about this issues ?

Thanks for your help.

Ups, yes.sorry :pensive:

Hello, I had today a person who bought an /e/ phone after I recommended her to do a few months ago who reported this problem to me. Good luck in fixing the backend of Apps, so that lambda users could enjoy fresh and updated apps. I gave the person the direct link to the apk (thanks @b3pio) and told her the problem was already known and fix was on the way.

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Since I updated to version 0.9 of the /e/OS my signal app seems to update as expected again. The new Apps version seems to have solved it. I also had a couple of other programs stuck with the previous versions, they were updated correctly as well.

So, thanks for the update!


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