Silence backup failure - CLOSED

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I use Silence installed by F-Droid for all of my SMS needs, and before switching to /e/ OS I exported an encrypted backup through the Import / Export menu. Now every attempt to import that backup (or any encrypted backup) crashes the app. The settings seem to be restored as the app switches to dark mode (the way I had it), and the new messages are wiped. I tried a plaintext backup and it worked, but I don’t have one from before. I’ve emailed the devs but got no response after a week. Here are the details:

Issue: Restoring encrypted backup on Silence crashes app.
Device: Samsung A5 (2017)
/e/ OS version: Tried on 0.8-p-2020041249359 (the most recent as of this writing) and the version before the previous one.
Silence version: Tried on 0.15.16 and 0.16.12-unstable.

Appreciate any help you guys can offer!

P.S. Please let me know if I’m posting this in the wrong place. This topic (Applications) is described as being for the /e/ OS stock apps, but it seems like in practice there are a lot of questions about other apps, so I figured this would be okay.

I have had the sane issue. Encrypted backup/restore never worked :woozy_face:

At least I’m not alone…

Did it work when you weren’t on /e/ OS? (If you tried it then)

I have tried on different os and different android versions

Looks like this might be a problem on Silence’s end then. That’s too bad. I’ll close this issue for now but would welcome any tips on how to access the data stored in the backup. There seem to be several .db files containing the messages.

Edit: Doesn’t look like this forum has a system to close issues. I’ll just leave it as is.

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If it’s the case, you can édit as [SOLVED], the tittle of your topic.
or ask for the gentle superuser.

Hey! You have done it. it’s magic !