Slow FP3+ cause of e/Os?

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On my Fairphone 3 (original modules) Signal starts in 2 seconds so that I can start messaging somebody.
But until now I rarely use it, only for a few contacts, perhaps it does perform worse with many contacts?

Magic Earth needs 5 seconds for me after I didn’t use it for a long time, otherwise it’s faster.

I can’ t complain about the speed.

Since it wasn’t mentioned … a reboot of the phone doesn’t help? (And give the phone some minutes to sort out some background stuff after a reboot.)

A reasonable amount of storage is still free? (See Settings - Storage.)

If there is an SD card, it was formatted as portable/external storage? (Incorporating it into Internal Storage in recent Android can cause huge problems rather sooner than later.)

Same here. Just some days ago I installed e os on my Fairphone 3+ and yes, it is slower. Not that it isn’t great to have a “good” os, but it could be faster. But the fact of having a degoogled os is worth the little waiting.

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+1 i have the same problem on my fairphone 3+

Unfortunately I can only confirm this with my own FP3+. Apps take quite a couple of seconds to be fully ready. However, I have Battery Saver mode activated permanently.

I also recently checked System > Advanced > Developer options > Memory and was surprised to find that Android OS, System UI, Android System and Bliss Launcher together consume over 1.5 GB out of the total memory of 4GB. I don’t know if this is a normal quota for just the OS.

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I noticed an improfment when I put it on performence. In the past, I had the slider on balanced. Battery usage is not really different.

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Wow! The performance setting is a total boost l. For me it is like a new phone now! Thanks for the tipp

Wait what the accu says.

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A while back I ran the Performance setting to check it out … I could almost immediately see a serious decrease in operating time i could get out of the battery.
But this was some OS updates ago, there’s always a chance for improvement.

This amounts to about 1.2 GB for me currently.

Displayed for 1 day:
898 MB Android OS
121 MB Android System
119 MB System UI
103 MB Bliss Starter


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Excactly, it is worth the little waiting.

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Is the Fairphone 4 quicker with /e/Os?

I don’t know, but I tested a fp4 with stock fp android. It was quite fast.
Sure it will be faster than fp3, even with /e/ os, because of newer hardware.
I had a surprise, when I installed /e/ OS R, which is android 11 on my fp2.
This is really fast and responsive. By the way the fp4 /e/ os is also R.
So I expect that R will also be faster on fp3, too. I would test it, if I had not installed all that banking and otp stuff on this phone.
So I wait for stable R and hope that an upgrade option will then be available. Otherwise I stick with q and maybe get a fp4. Battery live seams to be better with fp4 also. Not much, but a little bit. Furthermore the Cameras are better and the overall look and feel is great. It’s a big heavy beautiful brick and I surely safe some money to buy it sooner or later :slight_smile: .

I never get 2 days out of my fp3+. If it has 30% or 50% left at the end of the day doesn’t matter. I have to charge it over night. So I have no worries to use it, whenever I want.
And when I don’t use the phone at all, I could get 2 days out. Even if performance setting is chosen, the phone goes to sleep if you don’t use it.
Only if you use it the performance is increased. But you can put it faster back in your pocket and don’t have to wait till an app opened. And it makes more fun to use it. I don’t sacrifice the joy of using my fp3+ everyday just for a few percentage of battery.

In the last days, I would say, it’s even more, almost three days. This came with 0.21. But it hardly depends on what you do.

My device is optimized for low energy consume: I use the slowest speed settings, shortest screen time (15s), Bluetooth off, NFC off, GPS off, Flight mode over night. I lose about 7% over night, not more, and 25% over the rest of the day.

P.S.: I would never charge it over night. This surely kills the accu resulting in shorter and shorter usage.

While in practice I do this since Symbian times and never had a problem with any battery whatsoever.
The theory is sound that there might be a degradation, but I doubt it’s dramatic.

slow fp3: there were some interaction patches in 0.18, I wonder why they do not continue to make a difference. Those were boost settings, that clock the cpu higher while one interacts with settings or predefined apps. How can one benchmark fluidity and compare across versions?

battery fp3: I was debugging battery usage on the fp3 and moto devices not long ago. 1% draw per hour during doze can be ok, more I would see is a bug - 0,5% is ideal. There are some issues in the backlog on battery drain with some debug help if someone has 2% draw during doze

is it not possible to optimize the kernel?
I know that on XDA, there are kernels optimized for phones with the same base as the fp3+

I’m also having same problem of a very slow feeling FP3+, only had for a year and 3 months but then my 5/6 year old iPhone actually feels snappier! Lags on UI interface even on highest performance battery mode. I’m considering getting a regular Fairphone 4

For the ui I may have a little hint.
In the developers options is a possibility to decrease the animation time.
I set the values to 0.5. See the picture. Test what value suited you.

Just now I set every value to off.