SM_G965N in not yet supported?

I just got a Samsung Galaxy S9+ in the mail today from eBay. I had to hunt to find the right mode that would work with /e/, but when I got it today in the mail, when I went to run the easy installer, it said that the SM_G965N is not yet supported, but shows on the list of supported devices. Am I missing something here?

See the screen capture I attached.
Thanks in advance!

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From (

Models Supported


  • SM-G965F
  • SM-G965F/DS
  • SM-G965N
    Other models are not supported

You better flash it manually, the easy-installer is not yet ready to use.
You can find Pie and Q version for the s9+ on this forum

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Thanks Piero!
I have been trying to but now running into a roadblock with the error " Only Official Released Binaries Are Allowed To Be Flashed" while trying to send TWRP down to the phone. I have been trying to find out a way past this. I have OEM Unlock enabled but keep running into this issue.

" Only Official Released Binaries Are Allowed To Be Flashed"

this error message, come from the Samsung Stock Recovery Interface.

After flashing TWRP, you have to launch it before something else be launching. If it is not the case, TWRP is overwrited by Normal mode Boot or Samsung Recovery mode Boot.

I’m not sure TWRP is necessary for the s9+.

But if you choose this way, to be sure to reboot into TWRP after flashing it, you ‘d better manually turn off your device, unplug the cable and press the « volume down » and « power boutons »,
then boot in TWRP with « volume up » plus « home » and « power » boutons
( if you use Heimdall commands, don’t forget « no reboot » at the end, if you use Odin don’t forget to deselect « auto-reboot » in the option tab.)

Thanks Piero! I tried both installing TWRP as well as flashing the ROM directly with the OOTB Samsung Bootloader and I keep getting failures when trying to upload them. The ROM starts uploading and then I get a verification error number 2 when loading the /e/ ROM.

I found online that it could be because Knox is getting tripped, but that doesn’t appear to be the case because the result for Knox is showing 0x0, so that isn’t it. I was able to get /e/ working on a Galaxy S4 and a Nexus 6, but this one is making me bang my head against the wall because I want to turn the S9+ into a daily driver and make /e/ my fulltime OS for Mobile.

Any additional help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I don’t know OOTB, i was thinking about adb/heimdall commands.

If your s9+ was under stock-Android 9, you could easily install /e/android 9 or 10, but it is not the case (i cannot understand how /e/ are able to downgrade firmware and we can’t succeed)

If your s9+ was under stock-Android 10, you need to install /e/android 10

Because of the bootloader protection, it is not sure, try to install the earliest release of the stock android 10 you can with Odin, and then try the custom /e/OS Q, but @harvey186 says it don’t work on device with « android 10 super partition »

On a device with fastboot is a way, I have learned in the meantime. But I think the SM_G965N has no fastboot

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So it sounds like the issue is because I am already on Android 10 and need to be on an older version?

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Android 10 from eOS is on the horizont. So, best you will wait some weeks (or month) til eOS-Q is available.
In the neantime you can try LOS17.1

I was looking at LOS17.1, but I really liked what /e/ did and pretty excited about dumping Google and cleaning all the extra bloat out. It was either this or Graphene with a Pixel… I will try 17.1 and report back what happens.

Thanks again!

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