SMTP message sending failed - "LOCAL_BL_FROM"

I’ve been trying to send an email message using SMTP and get the following error message:

"Error while Sending message.

DATA command failed: Matched map: LOCAL_BL_FROM"

I’ve tried on Evolution on laptop and using Delta Chat messenger on Android. Sending via web interface works fine. It’s just SMTP that doesn’t work. Receiving via IMAP works fine.

All the settings are correct. Create a free /e/ account

Has anyone seen this before and knows what to do?


Literally, the message means that the FROM your clients send to server is backlisted in RSPAMD.

Are you sure you used the form for user ?

You may review settings from
If everything looks fine, you can also report an issue.

I’m not sure if my problem is related, but this is at least how it started. I’m on MacOS and I noticed this problem using the Mac mail application.

I switched to using the browser and it seemed like I could still send emails from there, but that didn’t seem the case in the end; there, when I hit the send button, I get the message that the email could not be sent, without further details.

I just tried sending from my phone as well, there the email does not get sent and I get the same LOCAL_BL_FROM error.

So all in all, not much more to go by than the LOCAL_BL_FROM… Anyone else with the same experience and possibly a solution? I’ve created an issue on Gitlab as well, but since there don’t seem to be too many people complaining about this, I’m guessing I must have done something wrong at some point…

First, I must apologize : I wrote this could be related to Rspamd, but now it looks more to be a Postfix error to me.

Anyway, as you also have the error in /e/ Cloud web interface (Rainloop), there must be something wrong with your /e/ account.
So, I suggest you contact

Short follow-up on this: I contacted the /e/ helpdesk and they helped me out smoothly!
The problem was that I apparently had surpassed the rate limit for sending emails from my account. For reference, these limits are 20 per hour and 100 per day at the time of writing. I assume I sent out an email to a group of people without using a mailing list, so the number of 20 per hour was easily reached in that case.

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hello there,
i have got the same problem like andreasmjg. if i want to send an email with thunderbird and my i get the message

Der Mail-Server antwortete: Matched map: LOCAL_BL_FROM

And it is the nearly the same from the . i can’t send emails from the RainLoop.
how can i get support form the /e/helpdesk like chaimdemulder?


I have the same problem. I use also thunderbird with my
Have you fixed it ?

i have the same problem.i suppose it began when i tried to send a mail to multiple adress and from that i get “impossible… matched map: LOCAL_BL_FROM”
but, if i send from (usually i hav everything goes ok