[Sold] Oneplus 3T 64GB/6GB, good condition

I’m selling my OP3T which I’ve had for about a year. It’s currently on e-0.12-q-2020111083843-dev with TWRP installed for recovery. Handset only for sale; you will need your own charger and cable. It comes with a case which I have modified to see the notification LED.

I’m selling because I have too many phones and I think the time is right for this device; it’s running the latest Q very well and hopefully there will be another milestone update soon with the long awaited changes to microg. The last couple of updates were OTA with no problems.

Have a look at the ad here and any questions, please just ask.

I’m UK based and will post to UK/Europe destinations if required.

I have flashed the stock Oxygen OS version 9.0.6 and locked the bootloader and testing it for now.

New advertisement and photos here