[SOLVED] Bliss launcher stopped

Hello everybody!

Maybe you already talked about this, but I can’t find anything after a quick search

Sometimes (4-5 times a day), when I am on the camera app, I switch “back” with the button, and then I have this screen :

It appear in december maybe, when the new camera app was added : since this update, I still have 2 “open camera” app, maybe one is buggy?

Am I the only one experiencing this (little) bug?

Thanks for your reply



You’re not supposed to have 2 camera apps. Is it 2 icons on Bliss Launcher for a single app (in this case just clear data of Bliss Launcher) or 2 separate apps (look at the list of installed apps if Open Camera appears twice) ?

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Wow you are so fast !
It’s 2 app, with 2 icons :

The official one in /e/ is the one in the middle. The other one can be deleted or is it a system app ?

I just deleted the light blue app!
It asked to delete 6GB of photos but I was able to keep them

I will make some test tomorrow !

Thank you!

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It seems to be fixed
How can I flag this post as closed?

Thanks again and have a nice day

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