[SOLVED] Bought a refurbished S7 and now? What to do?


I have bought a Samsung S7, refurbished, and I don’t understand what I have to do now, to have my accounts synchronized with my /e/ account. I have tried to launch a connection from my S7, I hit may account name and password, and it did’nt work.

The point is my account is this : https://e.foundation/my-account/ , it works when I connect from the web, but I guess it is not the right one, I can’t see my volume (a couple of Go that you have in a free account, etc), where and how to have this sort of account created ?

Thank you for your help.

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I believe the link you mentioned is only for the website. For an e-drive account you can go here .If you register there you can use this to sync you phone. You can login to you cloud here using the same credentials.

Thank you very much, that was the faulting information!
I have another question, about the forum : I am allowed to create a new subject, but not on the french categories, why?

Your welcome, i cant answer this but i know who probably can:
@thilo can you answer this?

Hi @cm63 please can you check now on the french forum.

Ok, it works! Thank you very much!

Just a point: I have ordered an S7 Edge, and I received an ordinary S7, not Edge. Another point : my contacts synchronizes, but not my Agenda, I have modified a date of a rendez-vous and it did’n get synchronized on my /e/Nextcloud, the date did’n t change.