[SOLVED] Cannot find Lawnchair 2 or the free version of Nova Launcher on AppLounge

Hi there!

I just installed e/os on my fairphone, and for now I am quite liking it, except for the Bliss launcher which I really do not like. I would like to replace it by either Lawnchair 2 or Nova launcher, but I can’t find them on the AppLounge when I search for them. I can find the Nova Launcher Prime, but I would like to try a bit before buying it.
Is there any specific reason why I can’t find them or anything I could do? I know they both are on the playstore as I can get them there.


Maybe try with packagename com.teslacoilsw.launcher?
For me Nova Launcher works.

Lawnchair 2 is in AppLounge, just named Lawnchair.

You could also try NeoLauncher which is very very similar to Lawnchair 2.

Oh so when I typed lawnchair 2, lawnchair did not appear… and Nova Laucher is also now appearing though it was definitely not there yesterday… Wondering if the update I did this morning updated the app lounge as well and improved the search. Anyway, happily trying Lawnchair 2 now :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!

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