[SOLVED] Cannot get e to install on Poco F1

Hi, So i have my bootloader unlocked on a Poco F1, and have TWRP installed.

I flashed the phone with [beryllium-9.6.27-9.0-vendor-firmware.zip] Then flashed with [e-0.7-p-2020032046059-dev-beryllium.zip]

The flashing goes fine, but the phone boots and just sits with an e and bouncing dot. After 20 mins nothing happens. I assume the phone is maybe encrypting, but how long should this take?

How can i get this to work?


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If your phone is encrypted you have to format data via twrp. The normal wipe isn’t enough.

I think the format data will solve the issue

yup, i did format data first, then did advance wipe Cache and System

This is a new phone, nothing on it… followed the instructions but it just seems to hang with the “e” logo

Ok got it working via side loading it…

Perfect :+1: enjoy eOS …