SOLVED : Can't install TWRP on my FP2

Hello, my Fairphone Open OS has bugged. I reinitialised it to factory defaults.
Now I want to install /e/ on it.
For this I need to install a recovery.
I downloaded the TWRP version for Fairphone 2 (FP2).
I used fastboot to flash it and got no error message.
When I reboot into recovery I don’t recognize the TWRP interface. I have a “Android recovery”.
From there I sideload /e/ but it failed with the error “signature verification failed”, which is what happens if you do not have the proper recovery.
Do you have any idea why I can’t install the recovery (bootloader is not locked on the FP2) ?
Thank you

(I was successful on another FP2)

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Have you enable OEM unlock ? and USB debugging ?

with Q and R builds, /e/ now provide its own recovery-e

The Fairphone 2 comes unlocked. You can’t lock the bootloader.

You are supposed to boot into the newly flashed TWRP right after you flashed it to enable it to make itself resident. Did you do this? If you started to boot Fairphone Open OS inbetween instead (even unintentionally), it would have restored its own recovery.

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How to I reboot into recovery from the bootloader ?
I did flashboot reboot

try : fastboot reboot recovery

I found the solution : hold volume+ and power buttons until reboot


It worked : THANKS A LOT
Strange thing : this erasal of TWRP by the OS did not happen some years ago when I first installed /e/ on a FP2.

you had TWRP preinstalled by Fairphone

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Fairphone bundled their own TWRP version with their Fairphone 2 OSes for years, but gave up on it because of increasing problems. They use the stock Android recovery instead for a while already.

I’ve seen in the internet that there may be phones on which this supposedly works, but it’s not standard behaviour as far as I can see. By default there is only fastboot reboot.
Nowadays there are phones which have a boot menu in fastboot mode which the user can use to select what the phone should boot next (system, recovery, …).

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