[SOLVED] / compte e.email en double / e.email account appears in duplicate

Bon Jour / Soir,
Depuis je ne sais qu’elle manip malheureuse, mon compte e.email apparaît en double dans la liste de mes comptes dans l’application Mail, je reçois les notifications en double ( avec des couleurs différentes ).
Je ne parviens pas a supprimer l’un des deux.

Have a Good Day / Evening,
Since I don’t know manipulates unfortunate, my e.email account appears in duplicate in the list of my accounts in the Mail application, I receive duplicate notifications (with different colors).
I can’t delete one of them.

What do you see in Settings/Accounts ?
About “I can’t delete” : do you see an error message, or need help to remove the account ?

I got the message :
“Mail don’t answer, close or wait”

When i decided to close Mail , the system propose me to delete my /e/account, I finally do that and the second e.email account disappear from Mail-app. i delete the fist e.email account too, and recreate my /e/ account in the system, an e.email account appears in the Mail-app.
Now I remember, when I installed my unofficial ROM (with clean setup), I had created an e.email account before I created my /e/account.
Sorry for the derangement.
Thanks @smu44 for your attention.

Nice to read it’s solved, thanks @piero for the feedback :slight_smile: