[SOLVED] Contact does not exist



When I set my new /e/phone up, I first imported contacts thanks to a file before setting up CardDav synchronization. Then I got redundancy and bad phone number format, maybe due to the format of the file I used to import contacts.

So today, I:

  1. deleted the CardDav account to totally disable synchronization;
  2. deleted all the contacts;
  3. activated my CardDav account back.

This way I solved both redundancy and phone number format problems.


After step 2 (deleting all the contacts), there was still a contact, just one contact, that I could not and still can’t delete.

  • When I try to open it, I get a message “contact does not exist”
  • When I try to delete it, I get a message “contact deleted” but the contact remains.

I rebooted the phone, without effect.

What can I do to make this contact disappear?

(The cause may be that I sometimes missed the trash button and pressed the link button, and once it displayed that it failed to link contacts.)

Try to clear the data of the Contacts app.

After reading your message, I tried to clear cache, clear data, and force stop the app but without effect: the contact is still there and I still cannot delete it nor it can be opened.

Maybe you can install Simple Contacts and see what you can do from this app.


  • The contact does not appear in this application
  • Everything seems to be ok with this application so I will use this application instead of the built-in as it manages themes.
  • The contact is still displayed in the built-in app “Contacts”.

This solves my problem, thanks!

But it does not explain why the contact is still displayed in the built-in app…

[Off-topic: Why isn’t Simple Contacts the built-in contacts app for /e/ ?]

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Try to clear the storage of “Contacts Storage” that is the db of the contacts, regardless of the application you use.
Before, you must enable the view of System Apps (Settings - Apps & Notofications - See all apps - 3dots in the upper-right corner - Show system)

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This worked, thanks!

(Note: In my French version it was translated like “contact list”)

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