[SOLVED] Deleted calendar folder: sync not working anymore

I imported my google calendar into /e/, into the ‘personal’ calendar, but I deleted that calendar by mistake in /e/ cloud. I created a new one with the same name, but now is not syncing between phone and /e/ cloud. The account manager in the phone shows this notification: “Personal. HTTP server error - HTTP 404”. On the phone, the “personal” calendar still exits, but the sync icon appears with a (!). I don’t know how to restore the default “personal” calendar in /e/ cloud, so that sync works again. Any help?

I created a new calendar with another name, and the original “personal” calendar appeared again and sync without problems, so not sure why but it solved itself. Sorry for the troubles…

Hey @graz , is there any chance I can trouble you to share how you did that original google cal import? I just tried importing the export file and it said ‘file could not be parsed’… what am I doing wrong? Cheers!

Hi @Sam_D, to be honest, it’s been almost a year and I don’t remember exactly how I did it, it was on an old nexus 5 that died recently. But I did the google cal import recently in another phone I managed to install /e/ (I don’t have it anymore, the battey failed and I had to return it to the shop, so I can’t describe you the steps. I also don’t know how to solve your problem about “file could not be parsed”. Maybe you can ask techie guys at the /e/ community support Telegram canal https://t.me/joinchat/C49jqEUbP-CNUGjzu-dTEA